Company Introduction


Who is Green NRG?

Green NRG is part of the NextGen NRG Group. It functions as the marketing affiliation of the group, while Baykee Australasia is the factory.

NextGen NRG is an alternative power supplier. It is a global designer and manufacturer of sustainable energy solutions.  Based on Australia’s Gold Coast. Here at NextGen NRG, we aim to remove the consumption of on-grid energy and the costs associated with it, by creating environmentally friendly, cost-efficient products.

Our core innovation, the Mini Power System (MPS), is a renewable energy system allowing users to generate, store and consume their own clean, free energy from Solar, Wind, Hydro and Hydrogen sources, simultaneously.

If available grid power is used as a backup solution. Generators can also be applied if there is no grid power available for another source of input. We also offer nimble, portable solutions such as the Mobile MPS unit & the MPS Briefcase.

High-quality scroll wind turbines, solar panels, and batteries are readily available from NextGen NRG, along with solar air conditioners, fans, refrigeration and lighting. Our products are compatible with many forms of Solar, Hydro, Wind and Genset power alternatives, ensuring that the company and its customers can explore and adopt new green energy innovations from any market.

The Sustainability Mission

In the world today, over one billion people still don’t have access to electricity, with many more suffering from poor quality, unreliable services. Modern energy services are critical to the economic development of communities, living standards, and individual well-being.

In developed nations, sustainability often means buying a more efficient light bulb or putting solar panels on the roof. The fate of the global sustainability, however, is ultimately tied to the worldwide population that currently does not have access to electricity.

Today, because of pollution largely attributed to burning coal and oil, the temperature of the globe is beginning to change, and the oceans are becoming more acidic.

Even small temperature alterations can translate into large changes in the earth’s natural environment and climate.

Such changes threaten life as we know it, putting the survival of entire ecosystems at risk.

Our Vision

We envision a future where renewable power systems are common in every household, and remote, developing, underprivileged and natural disaster-affected communities are empowered by green energy.

We believe that as battery technology improves, becomes more mainstream and costs continue to fall, battery storage will become an increasingly attractive option for storing energy in the home, business, and community.

Our Founder

Green NRG and NextGen NRG’s founder, Anthony Aucone, has over 27 years of industry experience and has personally achieved over 23 design registrations and patents to his name.

In 1999, Anthony was the first in the world to globally release the NextGen HID electronic ballast. After this he spent many years developing his LED lighting company, creating products such as the LedTek Starlight and sensor glass touch light.

In the past five years, Anthony turned his focus to the future of the industry – natural energy. Working with other highly skilled engineers, Anthony researched and developed his next big innovation: the MPS, and established NextGen NRG in union with the parent company, LedTek Global.

Anthony is incredibly passionate about converting homes and businesses around the world to green energy alternatives and empowering underprivileged and remote communities through the provision of practical, sustainable power solutions.

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